Documents Edition Installation

Backup & Recovery Documents Edition is supported from Windows Agent 10.7.0 and from Mac Agent 3.1.1

Backup & Recovery Documents is queued for any devices running an earlier version of the Agent and deploys once the Agent is updated to 10.7.0 or later. During this period Backup & Recovery will appear as Pending in the Dashboard.

macOS 10.14 (Mojave) and later
Apple introduced a new privacy setting in MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) to control third-party access to protected private data. To allow Backup & Recovery Documents to interact with and backup this data, once deployed you must add Full Disk Access permissions to the Backup Manager.

Enable Backup & Recovery

Individual Device

  1. Right-click the workstation or laptop in the North-pane of the dashboard (or from the Workstation drop-down)
  2. Select Edit Workstation > Backup & Recovery
  3. Either;
    • change Setting: to On or Use Policy Settings (On) to use the parent entity settings
    • select Turn on Documents
  4. Click OK to save and apply

Multiple Devices

  1. Go to Settings > Backup & Recovery > Settings
  2. Select Workstations in the left pane and then either;
    • select Turn on Documents
    • change Setting: to On and select Documents
  3. Expand Workstations to select the target Clients or Sites. For each target level, either;
    • change Setting: to On and select Documents (or Use Parent where Documents is enabled for the parent entity)
    • select Turn on Documents
  4. OK to save and apply

By default, devices inherit the policy at for their parent Site, which will in turn inherit from it's parent Client, which will in turn inherit policies set for the Device type (servers and workstations).

Windows Devices
These Global Policy setting are not applied to workstations already running Backup & Recovery in Professional mode.

To switch from Professional to Documents, you must uninstall Backup & Recovery from each device then reinstall in Documents mode.

This is covered in the section Switching between Documents and Professional.

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