Automation automation objects automation policy tasks automation manager

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ChkdskForce Windows UpdateGet USB Devices InformationRemove Windows Optional Feature
CleanMgrGet Available Windows UpdatesGet Volume ListRename Computer
Clear Remote Desktop Client HistoryGet BaseBoard InformationGet Windows FeaturesRenew DHCP
Collect Drive DetailsGet Battery InformationGet Windows Optional FeaturesRestart System
Computer UptimeGet BIOS InformationGet Windows OS Version and BuildScheduler Prompt
Create Mapped DetailsGet CDRom InformationGet Windows Product KeySearch Google
Delete Mapped DriveGet Computer System InformationGet WMI ObjectSet Date
Delete Temporary FilesGet DateInput PromptSet Default Browser
Disable CDROM DriveGet Default BrowserInstall PowerShell ModuleSet Default IE Homepage
Disable Drive AutoRunGet Desktop Monitor InformationInstall Specific MS Patch Set Environmental Variable
Disable UACGet Environment VariableInstall Windows Optional FeatureSet Power Plan
Disable USB Mass Storage DevicesGet Last Boot TimeIs UAC EnabledSet PoweShell Execution Policy
Disable Windows Action CenterGet Logical Disk InformationList HotfixesSet PowerShell Transcription Logging
Disable WirelessGet Mapped DrivesList Network SharesSet Screensaver Settings
Disk DefragmentationGet OS ArchitectureList Startup ApplicationsSet Static IP
Empty Recycle BinGet OS Service Pack LevelLock WorkstationShutdown Computer
Enable CDROM DriveGet OS TypeLog Off All UsersSoftware Inventory
Enable DHCPGet Physical Memory InformationLog Off Current UserSuspend Workstation
Enable Drive AutoRunGet PowerShell VersionPromptSync Time with DC
Enable UACGet PowerShell Execution PolicyReboot PromptSync Time with External NTP
Enable USB Mass Storage DevicesGet Processor InformationRemove Default WallpaperTake Screenshot
Enable Windows Action CenterGet System Enclosure InformationRemove Network SharesUninstall Software
Enable WirelessGet System TimezoneRemove PowerShell ModuleWindows Installer