Software Inventory

This Automation Manager object retrieves a list of installed software on a device and indicates whether the software has an uninstall key in the registry, therefore capable of uninstalling through Automation manager.

Input Parameters


Output Parameters

Name Type Description
Result String

Returns a value of True if the software can be uninstalled.

Returns a value of False if the software cannot be uninstalled.

Programs Collection A collection of the installed programs on the computer. The name of the program and version are returned.

Example Input Parameters

No input parameters required.

Sample Output

Name                           		Value
----                           	            -----
Microsoft Help Viewer 1.0     	            1.0.30319
Microsoft Office Shared Set... 	            14.0.4763.1000
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 ...	            4.0.30319
Windows Live Sync              	            14.0.8089.726
Catalyst Control Center Cor...	            2009.0614.2131.36800
Microsoft Office Visio Prof... 	            12.0.6425.1000