Windows Agent Installation

Before you install the Agent, ensure you have allowed access to the required URLs. For more information, see Network Connectivity Requirements.

You can install the Agent using the following methods:

Method Description
Add a Device A one-click Remote Worker installer package to deploy on multiple devices
Site Installation Package Deploy the Agent using Group Policy, or create a one-click Remote Worker installer to deploy on multiple devices
Manual Installation Download the Agent from the N-sight RMM Dashboard and run the installation wizard on each device
Monitoring Agent Push Push a Monitoring Agent to an unmonitored device when it is discovered as part of an Network Discovery scan

After you install the Agent, you configure the Agent Settings using the N-sight RMM Dashboard or the Agent console.

You can use the User Audit Report and the Device Inventory Report to determine when the Agent was installed on a device.

To optimize installation time and ensure Check and Automated Task consistency across devices, you can Configure default monitoring templates for installation.