Site Installation Package—Windows Agent

You can create Site Installation Packages the N-sight RMM Dashboard Agent menu when you are logged in as a user with Site Installation Package permissions enabled.

To support different deployment methods, two options are available:

Option Description
Group Policy Agent.msi and associated compressed file.

These are designed for software deployment over a network via Group Policy

Remote Worker Agent_*.exe compressed file.

For user self-deployment. Unpack the file and click the executable to install.

This installer is aimed at non-Active Directory networks or for Active Directory computers (laptops) that are infrequently connected to the network.

Agent Modes

During a Windows installation the Agent automatically queries the device to determine its type, server or workstation, then will install in the appropriate mode.

If you need to use server-only Checks on a workstation, we recommend you manually install the Agent on the workstation because it allows you to select workstation or Server Mode.

Please be aware that server, not workstation, prices are applied when installing the Agent in Server Mode on a workstation.