Remote Worker Agent Installation

You can use the Site Installation Package to create a one-click Remote Worker installer package for a target Client and Site. When the installer package runs on a device, it adds the device to the target Client and Site on the All Devices view.

For example, end users could run the install package on their devices, or a script could run it on many devices, to deploy the Agent.

This installer is aimed at non-Active Directory networks or for Active Directory computers (laptops) that are infrequently connected to the network.

To create a Remote Worker installer package:

You must have a user role with Site Installation Package permission.

  1. On the All Devices view, go to Agent > Download Agent > Download Site Installation Package

    The Download Site Installation Package dialog opens with information about the types of packages.

  2. Click Next
  3. Select the target Client and Site

    This dialog is Client Group aware and only lists Clients assigned to the logged in user.

  4. Select the Agent version you want to install
  5. Select Network uses Proxy Server and enter the Address, Port, Username, and Password (optional)
  6. Click Next

    The available installers for the Agent version display. Only the Remote Worker installer is available for Mac and Linux Agents.

  7. Click Download for the Remote Worker installer

    Each package filename includes the Client, Site and installer type, (GP Group Policy or RW Remote Worker). For example, AGENT_CLIENT_SITE_V8_0_0_RW.ZIP

  8. Select Close to exit the dialog

    To avoid authentication issues, if the username or password used to create the Site Installation Package changes, we recommend you generate and use a new package based on the updated credentials.

Deploy the Agent

  1. Distribute the Remote Worker Site Installation Package to the target users
  2. The user saves the file on their computer
  3. The user unpacks the Agent_* file and double-clicks Agent_*_RW.exe to begin the installation process
  4. No further dialogs are displayed and the Agent silently installs without further end user interaction

If a Monitoring Template is selected for the device, to ensure the latest template version is always applied, it is not included in the package but downloaded directly from the All Devices view as part of the installation process.