Remote Access and Support features

Dashboard user access to, and usage of, these features is dependent upon the permissions associated with their role.

You can remotely access your N-sight RMM monitored devices to provide support and maintenance, and you can provide the Windows System Tray Application as a self-service tool to your end users.

You have the following options for remote access:

Remote access tool Supported OS Details
Remote Background Management Windows A seamless maintenance experience on the end device that enables your to perform Remote Command Line, Remote Process Control and Remote Service Control actions directly on the target device without interrupting end user work.
User Chat Windows and macOS Connect with customers directly using a two-way chat, without having to start an active remote-control session.

The target customer device must have Take Control or Remote Background Management installed.

Take Control Fast Assist Windows and macOS Enables you to connect securely, directly from the All Devices view, to unmonitored, attended devices.
Integrated Take Control Windows and macOS Connect securely, directly from the All Devices view, to monitored Windows servers or workstations, or Mac workstations

Enabled from the All Devices view and installed with the Agent

No need for VPNs or changes to the firewall settings

Alternative Remote Access Configuration - Remote Desktop Windows A shortcut to access the remote machine via Terminal Services, VNC or Netsupport Manager

On a desktop or laptop where a user is currently logged on to the system, this may not be possible or practical

Integrate existing standalone TeamViewer installations Windows Connect securely, directly from the Dashboard, to monitored Windows devices that are running TeamViewer

Enabled from the Dashboard

No need for VPNs or changes to the firewall settings