Integrate existing standalone TeamViewer installations

N-sight RMM accounts created after Dashboard v2021.01.05 cannot integrate with existing TeamViewer standalone installations.

For N-sight RMM accounts that existed prior to Dashboard v2021.01.05, TeamViewer standalone integration requires that all devices using TeamViewer have Windows Agent v10.11.1 or later.

The option to integrate with existing standalone TeamViewer installations enables you to securely connect to Windows devices running TeamViewer directly from the Dashboard without the need for VPNs or changes to the firewall settings.

To integrate standalone TeamViewer with N-sight RMM:

  1. Configure TeamViewer to run as a Service
  2. Enable the TeamViewer integration

For more information, see Display devices running TeamViewer on the Dashboard and Initiate a TeamViewer connection.

When the standalone TeamViewer Integration is enabled, the Agent automatically detects whether a commercial copy of TeamViewer is installed on the Windows machine. If a commercial copy is discovered, an association between the installation of TeamViewer and the device’s Dashboard entity is created.

The detection process runs after each Agent 24x7 cycle to check for newly added TeamViewer installations. A Dashboard association is created when a new installation is discovered.

Take Control (TeamViewer) and standalone TeamViewer are based on similar technology and they cannot co-exist on the same device. For more information, see Replace existing TeamViewer installation with Take Control (TeamViewer).