Enable the integration

To continue using TeamViewer in N-sight RMM after October 1, 2021, partners must update all devices using TeamViewer (through Take Control or standalone) to Windows Agent v10.11.1 or later, or Mac Agent 3.6.0 or later, which support TeamViewer versions from 15.9. The previous TeamViewer integration is deprecated.

TeamViewer version 15.9 introduced the following changes:
- Upgraded connections so the .TVC file is no longer required to initiate a session from the Dashboard
- Support for a new TeamViewer REST API
- The TeamViewer standalone integration only supports unattended connections when the TeamViewer host is commercially licensed.

Dashboard accounts created after the release of Dashboard 2021.01.05 do not have the option to "Integrate with existing TeamViewer installations".

To enable TeamViewer integration on the Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to Settings > General Settings
  2. Go to the TeamViewer tab
  3. Under the TeamViewer Integration section
  4. Tick the Integrate With Existing TeamViewer Installations check-box.
  5. Click OK to apply

This will initiate the integration process which can require up to three 24x7 cycles to complete.

This is a Dashboard wide setting. If you enable the TeamViewer integration it will apply to all Devices running the standalone version of TeamViewer.

Once active this is reflected on the Dashboard with the Take Control icon take_control_iconreplaced with a TeamViewer icon teamviewer_icon when selecting the Device.

The integration status is also reflected in the Summary tab for the device, with the following information displayed against Take Control - Existing Installation Integration


Summary Message


TeamViewer Integration is not configured

Requires Agent v10.11.1

An earlier version of the Agent is installed which does not support this feature


The TeamViewer Integration setup is in the process of running


TeamViewer Integration was disabled and removal has begun


TeamViewer Integration is active. The device is associated and users can initiate TeamViewer connections from the Dashboard


A problem occurred during the TeamViewer Integration

Requires "Start With Windows" Set

TeamViewer is not configured to run as a service on the device

To disable the integration simply untick the Integrate With Existing TeamViewer Installations check-box.

Once the integration is enabled no other Dashboard action is required with TeamViewer associations automatically added to any devices where a licensed commercial copy of TeamViewer (at least version 7.0.15723) is discovered.