Disable the TeamViewer Integration

N-sight RMM accounts created after Dashboard v2021.01.05 cannot integrate with existing TeamViewer standalone installations.

For N-sight RMM accounts that existed prior to Dashboard v2021.01.05, TeamViewer standalone integration requires that all devices using TeamViewer have Windows Agent v10.11.1 or later.

If you no longer need the TeamViewer integration, you can disable it. For example, if you change your devices to a different remote support solution, you may no longer need TeamViewer integrated with your N-sight RMM Dashboard.

If you disable the TeamViewer integration, it applies to all devices running the standalone version of TeamViewer across your N-sight RMM Dashboard.

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard, go to Settings > General Settings
  2. Select TeamViewer

  3. Uncheck Integrate With Existing TeamViewer Installations
  4. Select OK to apply
  5. The integration removal begins. It can take up to three 24x7 cycles to complete.