Database Monitoring

We provide a suite of easy to use and quick to install Database Monitoring tools so you can monitor critical events around a broad range of industry standard databases.

With these tools if problems occur, you know about them fast and can resolve them quickly minimizing business impact from outages. Putting you firmly in control of events that may impact database applications.

MySQL clip0458

The MySQL Check monitors key MySQL performance indicators - concurrent open connections,  memory pages flush wait time, slow queries execution, etc - generating an Alert where any of these settings exceed the threshold value.

Windows Service, Linux Daemon and OSX Daemon Checks windows_iconclip0458osx_icon

The Windows Service Check, Linux Daemon Check and OSX Daemon Check monitor the state of the specified service or daemon generating an alert when any problems are discovered or after a number of consecutive failures. The Check can fail when the specified application’s service or daemon has stopped, is in the process of stopping or is not accessible.

To ensure that all essential services or Daemons are running. The Windows and Linux Checks include the option to restart a service or daemon when it is in the "stopped" state (either stopped unexpectedly or stopped manually). Please be aware that we do not attempt to restart disabled services or daemons.

Network Services (TCP/IP) windows_iconclip0458osx_icon

The TCP Service Check for Windows, Linux and macOS fails when any specified port on an ISP, internal server or external network is either open or closed depending upon the check configuration.

For example our customers monitor the Ports used by Microsoft SQL: 1433 (Microsoft SQL Server) and 1434 (Microsoft SQL Monitor).

To ensure this check is as versatile as possible we have included a drop-down list containing a number of popular preconfigured Ports and additional ports may be added if required.  Assign a descriptive name to the check to make it easy to identify then enter the hostname or IP address and port number.

File Size windows_icon

The File Size Check monitors the size of a group of files, folders (and subfolders) failing when the size of the group is greater or less than the specified threshold. The Check is available as a 24x7 Check for critical files and folders, and as a Daily Safety Check, for non-essential files and folders. Add the required files and folders to the Check then enter the threshold figure to begin monitoring.

Our partners may monitor all MDF and LDF files found in the Microsoft SQL Server (normally, C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server) and add exclusion for any temporary tempdb.mdf and tempdb.ldf files.

Log File clip0458osx_icon

The Log File Check for Linux and Mac scans through the specified log file generating a failure when the entered text is discovered and can be used to report back information from the database logs.

Scripting windows_iconclip0458osx_icon

Author custom Scripts to monitor applications then upload them to the Dashboard to deploy as 24x7 or Daily Safety Check Script Checks for Windows, Linux or macOS or as Automated Tasks for Windows, Linux or macOS. For example the system SQL Query script which can run a query on an SQL database.