Application Control

Running Process

Script Type: VBScript

You can configure the Running Process script to alert if the specified process is or is not running, with the option to kill the specified process and all instances where the script is discovered to be running.

Script Parameter Description
Check Behavior Pass if process is running
Fail if process is running
If process is running, kill all instances If used, all running instances that match the process name are terminated. After a delay of two seconds, this script checks again to find if any processes of this name are running. If found, the script reports as failed.
Name of Process The name of the executable to check for. This field is case sensitive.
Script Timeout Range Range: 1 - 3600 seconds (default 120 seconds)

SQL Query

Script Type: VBScript

The SQL Query script enables you to run a query on a number of database servers using an installed ODBC driver.

Script Parameter Description
SQL Server MySQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Microsoft SQL Server 2008
ODBC Driver If other than the default specified, enter the name of an ODBC Driver
Hostname/ IP Address The address of the server to run the query against
Instance Name Only available for Microsoft SQL variants, enter Instance name where required
Database Username The username to use to connect to the server

User credentials are stored in plain-text in the Agent configuration files. Enter a user with only the minimal privileges required to execute this SQL query and ensure that appropriate permissions are applied to the Advanced Monitoring Agent installation directory.

Database Password The password to use to connect to the server
Database Name The name of the database to query
Trusted Connection (Use Windows Authentication) If using a Microsoft SQL Variant, it is possible to query the server using the same user credentials that are used to run the agent
Database Query The query to run
Script Timeout Range Range: 1 - 3600 seconds (default 120 seconds)

System User Count

Script Type: VBScript

The System User Count script queries the Active Directory and reports back the number of users with the option to fail where the number of returned users is higher than expected.

Script Parameter Description
Server Hostname The address of the device to run the query against
Number of User Accounts Expected The number of user accounts expected to be recorded in the Active Directory
Fail if result is higher than expected If the number of user accounts returned is higher than the Number of User Accounts Expected, the script reports as failed
Script Timeout Range Range: 1 - 3600 seconds (default 120 seconds)