Merge tickets and ticket requests

Anytime your customers send in tickets for the same issue, you can merge the two together and track your time to fix both customers' issues in a single ticket.

You can also bulk merge tickets from your Workspaces Ticket or Ticket Request list.

Merge open tickets for the same issue

If multiple tickets are open for the same issue, you can use the Merge Ticket option to combine the duplicate tickets into a single ticket. This will transfer all time entries, expenses, appointments, notes, and attachments from the original ticket into the selected ticket to merge. The original ticket will be deleted and all of its information will transfer to the merged ticket.

  1. Navigate to Helpdesk and select a ticket, or select a customer and navigate to their ticketing section to select a ticket.
  2. Select Merge Ticket at the top of the ticket window.
  3. Search for a ticket by title or ticket number, select the ticket in the list (it will display in blue after being selected) and click the Merge Icon in the top right corner.
  4. Click Confirm on the pop up window to finalize the merge.

When the merge is complete, the original ticket is deleted and all of it's data is transferred to the merged ticket selected in step 3.

Merge emailed ticket requests with existing tickets

If a ticket is already open and a new ticket request comes in for the same issue, use the merge ticket option to add that ticket request to the existing ticket.

  1. Navigate to Helpdesk > Ticket Requests.
  2. Select a ticket request in the list.
  3. Select Merge Ticket to open the ticket search window.
  4. Enter any text or numbers in the search field and MSP Manager will search all ticket text fields for a match.
  5. To merge the ticket with the ticket request, select the checkbox next to the ticket and select Merge Ticket.

The original ticket request email is added to the Responses section of the existing ticket.

Automatically create tickets from incoming emails by configuring ticket routing rules and assigning an email domain to your customers. If no ticket routing rules are in place, emails sent to your ticket mailbox arrive in MSP Manager as ticket requests and must be manually created into support tickets.