Schedule recurring tickets and appointments

Create a schedule and add recurring tickets and appointments for your customers. Use recurring tickets to track time for monthly proactive maintenance, or regular tasks your technicians need to complete. Tickets are automatically created based on the recurrence frequency, and notifications alert employees when a new ticket has been assigned to them.

Create a schedule

  1. Navigate to Helpdesk > Schedules > Add Schedule.
  2. Enter a Schedule Title and select a Customer.
  3. Select a Frequency, and choose a time zone.

    The frequency determines how often and at what time tickets and appointments are created.

  4. Select a Start Date.

Add recurring tickets and appointments before you save your schedule.

Create a recurring ticket

  1. After creating a schedule, navigate to the Recurring Ticket section and select Add Recurring Ticket.
  2. Enter a Ticket Schedule Title and select a Ticket Schedule Issue Type.
  3. Select a Service item.
  4. Select a Project, Location, Contact, and Assets if applicable.
  5. Add Assigned users, select the number of days until the ticket is due, and select a priority.
  6. Click Save Recurring Ticket.

The recurring ticket is saved and created on the scheduled day and time. Notifications are sent out when the ticket is automatically created.

Create a recurring appointment

  1. After creating a schedule, navigate to the Recurring Appointment section and select Add Recurring Appointment.
  2. Select an Assigned user and enter a Subject.
  3. Enter a Subject and Location.
  4. Select a Start Time and End Time.
  5. Enter the number of days, before or after ticket creation, when the appointment occurs.
  6. Click Save Recurring Appointment.

The recurring appointment is scheduled for the number of days before or after ticket creation.

When you are finished adding tickets and appointments, click Save Schedule.