Reviewed: December 7th 2023 by Cale
Add custom fields to your ticketing process

Customize your tickets and capture custom information required for your business to better understand your customers issues and ticketing needs.

Custom ticket fields permissions

Make sure users have the correct permissions enabled in order to access and configure custom ticket fields.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Users & Permissions > Roles and edit the role to which you would like to grant permissions.
  2. Click the Helpdesk section to expand it's options, and select Manage Custom Ticket Fields.
  3. Save the Role to grant it's assigned users ability to create custom ticket fields.

Create custom ticket fields

  1. Navigate to Settings > Tickets & Workflows > Custom Ticket Fields.
  2. In the Custom Ticket Field Editor, select Add new.
  3. Select a Field Type. Depending on the Field Type that is selected, additional options are available in the Field Settings section of the editor:
    • Checkbox – enter a Field Label for the checkbox.
    • Date – add a Field label and a Placeholder, like the suggested date format (i.e. mm/dd/yyyy).
    • Dropdown – in addition to a Placeholder and Field Label, add options to be included in the dropdown menu. Select Add new option to add additional dropdown options.
    • Numeric – add a Field label and a Placeholder that is displayed in the text box prior to the user entering information.
    • Rich Text – enter a Field label. This field allows for things like bold font, bullet pointed or numbered lists, hyper links and inserted images.
    • When displayed in the ticket editor, use drag and drop functionality to imbed images into rich text fields. Do not copy and paste as this will display a broken image.

    • Section – enter a Field label and select a Section Layout. This allows for the addition of sub fields within each area of the Section Layout. Click Add new in each section to add additional fields.
    • Text – the requirements for this field are the same as the Numeric field with the additional option to select whether the field is required or not.
  4. All Field Types have two additional options to select:
    • Required – the field must be filled out before a ticket can be saved.
    • Show in Quick ticket editor – displays the field in the quick ticket editor in addition to the normal ticket editor.
  5. Click Save Field to confirm the addition of the new custom ticket field.

After saving your Custom Field, there is no need for further configuration. The Custom Field is automatically added to the Ticket editor, and Quick Ticket editor (if selected during configuration).