System Tray Icon

The MAV-BD agent and all of its features (manually run on-demand scans, manage quarantined items and update the virus detection files) is accessed through the MAV-BD system tray icon bd_shield.

The System Tray icon is generally found in the taskbar beside the system clock. However, depending on the number of icons in the taskbar it may be necessary to expand the Show hidden icons section by clicking on the arrow mav_bdagent_showhidden_arriw to display the Managed Antivirus system tray icon.

Double-click on the MAV-BD system tray icon bd_shieldto open the agent or right-click on the icon to display a context menu with the following options:

Option Description


Opens the main MAV-BD agent.


Displays a window containing information on the product including the Technical Support contact details (where available).


Returns the list of languages currently available in the MAV-BD user interface. Simply choose the required language from the list to apply.


The system tray icon also acts as an at a glance indicator for the computer’s security and scan status (when a scan is in progress). So the user can easily see if any issues are currently reported, along with their severity.

Icon Status Description

There are no issues affecting the security of the computer


Critical issues affecting the security of the computer


Non-critical issues affecting the security of the computer


Scan in progress


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