Linux Agent Installation

Linux servers often run the most critical applications. Proactive monitoring leads to increased uptime and faster fault resolution. The Linux Agent adds monitoring, alerting and reporting on the status of the Linux servers to the All Devices view.

Before you install the Agent, ensure you have allowed access to the required URLs. For more information, see Network Connectivity Requirements.

The Linux Agent collects all the hardware and software information from the server and uploads it to the All Devices view. The collected information is available in the Asset Tracking section under the Client and site where the device is registered. All Linux Agent installations are server installations and all Linux servers display in the Server and Mixed sections of the All Devices view.

You can install the Agent using the following methods:

Method Description
Add a device A one-click Remote Worker installer package to deploy on multiple devices.
Site Installation Package Create a one-click Remote Worker installer package to deploy on multiple devices.
Manual Installation Download the Agent from the All Devices view, run and then register the Agent.

After you install the Agent, you configure the Agent Settings using the All Devices view or the Agent console.

You can use the User Audit Report and the Device Inventory Report to determine when the Agent was installed on a device.

To optimize installation time and ensure Check and Automated Task consistency across devices, you can Configure default monitoring templates for installation.