Take Control features and functionality

A fast, easy-to-use remote access tool designed to help you fix issues remotely and collaborate easily with other technicians.

Feature Overview
Dedicated Admin dashboard The dashboard displays a wide variety of data, including a full list of technicians currently online, the number of active sessions, as well as missed sessions and running sessions from the last 24 hours. View health and statistics of customers’ devices and easily launch a support session when needed.
One-time support sessions Customers can download the portal at and enter a PIN or calling card activation code to send a support request and establish a one-time support session with a technician.
Unattended support sessions Install the Take Control Agent on a customer's device for unattended access.
Support session overview Review a list of active and pending support sessions, including active technicians or departments. Start a new session, view incoming or in progress sessions or transfer a session to another technician.
Wake-on-LAN Remotely wake computers using Take Control Agent. This process is simple and safe, as it does not expose any ports to the Internet
Create and deploy scripts Deploy scripts to any of your customer’s computers or devices to run now or late. We support Batch files, Visual Basic and PowerShell scripts.
Reports Use reports to monitor activity and actions, including session history, missed sessions, tech performance, script job history and deferred support requests.
Push notifications and alerts Displays a custom message on the screen of a selected remote device or send urgent notifications to multiple devices with one click.