Access My Computers

The My Computers tab of the Technician Console shows the list of computers and devices that have the Take Control Agent installed, and are ready to receive unattended support at anytime (for more information, see unattended Support). Make sure you are logged into your Technician Console before getting started.

  1. Select a computer from the My Computers list.
  2. Under Customer Details, edit the customer's name, customer number, email address, and add notes to the Computer Description field.
  3. Click Save before starting a new session to save the new customer details.
  4. In the Computer Details section, you can view information about the computer where the Agent is installed.
  5. Right click on a computer in the list to access additional options: delete, rename or move the computer/device, or create a support ticket for the device.
  6. Click Connect to start a remote session.

Double click on a device in the My Computers section to immediately start a session.

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