Dashboard Controls FAQs

What is required to run Dashboard Controls from the Dashboard?

Dashboard Controls are available for Mac, Linux, and Windows Agents.

Can changes still be made from the Windows Agent?

You can continue to configure Checks via the Windows Agent and any Agent side changes take precedence over Dashboard modifications. Where changes are performed on both the Dashboard and Agent simultaneously, the updated Agent configuration is used.

When will changes made to the Dashboard take place?

Any Dashboard changes made to the 24x7 or Daily Safety Checks are downloaded to the Agent and applied the next time the Agent reports in, Checks run etc.

Do I need to open any firewall port to use Dashboard Controls?

All communication between the Monitoring Agent and our central servers is initiated outbound using HTTPS over TCP, no additional firewall port configuration is required.

However, where the network’s firewall or Virtual Private Network (VPN) incorporates Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), an intelligent firewalling feature designed to examine all network traffic (including SSL) that passes through the firewall.

DPI examines all elements of these data packets and depending on the aggressiveness of this inspection, it may potentially interfere with the operation and performance of our Agent and associated modules by blocking of delaying communication with our systems.

To avoid DPI interfering with our systems, we would suggest adding a rule to exclude or disable DPI for our traffic (where DPI is enabled on the firewall).

These configuration settings vary from vendor to vendor and are documented in their support material.

Web Protection and Packet Inspection

Despite the duplicate inspection of each packet, the use of two packet inspectors (including Web Protection) on the same network should not significantly impact on performance if the inspectors use different drivers.

However, conflicts will occur if both inspectors attempt to use the same driver to examine the packets. Due to the potential performance issues, we would recommend disabling Web Protection on those networks where the DPI component leverages the same driver as Web Protection.

What would happen if the Agent fails to download the file?

Where an issues is experienced downloading the files, the Agent will attempt to redownload the files during the next communication cycle.

Can I query the monitored computers to look for file locations, SNMP information etc?

Monitored computers are not browsable from the Dashboard when add a Check, so rather than search for the elements when configuring the Check, you must enter the information to query. Where problems are experienced with the entered information, i.e. the Check fails, it can be amended via Checks, Edit Check.

Examples of the Check types that require specific information include the File Size and the Bandwidth Monitoring Checks.

Where you have opted for one of our remote access solutions (Take Control or Remote Background Management) you can directly connect to the device from the Dashboard to check the required details when configuring the Check.

What happens when I delete a check?

Checks are immediately removed from the Dashboard and deleted from the Agent after the next communication cycle.

Please note, Check deletion is a non-recoverable action. Once confirmed, all information for the Check (including history) is removed.

Can I manually test the checks from the Dashboard?

You can run all or a specific Check from the Dashboard.

All Checks

  1. Multi-select the target Devices in the Dashboard's North-pane (use Shift and left-click to choose a range or Control and left-click for specific machines)
  2. Right-click on one of the selection (or from the Server, Workstation or Devices drop-down)
  3. Choose Run Checks

Specific Checks

  1. Highlight the target device in the North-pane of the Dashboard
  2. Navigate to its South-pane Checks tab
  3. Multi-select the target Checks (use Shift and left-click to choose a range or Control and left-click for specific Checks)
  4. Right-click on one of the selection (or from the Checks drop-down)
  5. Choose Run Check(s)

Why are there multiple versions of the same Check on the Dashboard?

Any configured and active Check appears on the Dashboard and depending on how you use the tool, there may be multiple versions of the same Check, but with different thresholds. For example, two Disk Space Checks, one with a 15% alerting threshold (warning) and the second with a 10% alerting threshold (critical).

What happens if I leave the Agent open?

Updated configurations are not applied where the Agent console is open, as you may be in the process of managing the Checks, the configuration update only takes effect when the Agent console is closed.

Is there any debug log I can use for troubleshooting?

As part of the check update process the Agent writes the status of the downloaded configuration file to the update.log contained in the Agent installation folder, C:\Program Files (x86)\Advanced Monitoring Agent.

Where the Agent upload contains incomplete Check results, anAgent Problem Alert is generated to make you aware of the issue on this specific computer. The Dashboard displays the last successful upload time.

Where can I get more information on the checks?

Windows: 24 x 7 Checks |Daily Safety Checks

Linux: 24 x 7 Checks |Daily Safety Checks

Mac: 24 x 7 Checks |Daily Safety Checks