Download Default Automation Manager Policies

We have provided a selection of System Automated Tasks (scripts) to help handle common maintenance jobs. Where these do not precisely match your needs, you can add a task to your computer (or a computer you have access to) and download the task, tweak the script (including Automation Manager .amp policies) then upload to the Dashboard as a custom script.

The following steps cover how to download, edit then upload a .amp policy.

  1. Choose the device you want to download the script on the Dashboard (either you own or a device you have access to) in the North-pane of the Dashboard then go to its Tasks tab
  2. Click Add Automated Task, select the script (task) and configure
  3. If only downloading the Script for editing purposes we suggest the Manual Select Frequency Method

  4. Click Finish to add the Check to the Device
  5. Go to the script download location on the Device, by default C:\Program Files (x86)\Advanced Monitoring Agent\scripts
  6. Choose the .amp script and move to a new location for editing, this will avoid any potential problems if the Agent attempts to run the Task
  7. Launch the Automation Manager, choose Open the policy file and select the .amp policy
  8. A prompt appears where the .amp file version is not supported by the Automation Manager designer. Download and install the designer to update to a supported version.

  9. Make the required changes to the policy, debug then save
  10. Upload the policy via the Dashboard Script Manager, providing a descriptive name for identification, then deploy to the target devices as Checks or Automated Tasks

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