Debug Policy

The Automation Manager's Debug option is similar to the Run command. But, where Run executes the script in real time, Debug executes the script one object at a time. This slower pace allows for script review and troubleshooting.

To debug a policy...

  1. Launch Automation Manager
  2. Open the policy
    • Click Open Policy File in the North-pane (available when Automation Manager launches), or
    • Go to File > Open, or
    • Click the Open button in the toolbar
  3. Navigate and select the target policy to open it in the north Policy Builder pane.
  4. Go to Debug > Go (or press F5)
  5. The Debug results appear in the Automation Manager's Output South-pane for review

Stop debugging at any time:

  • Go to Debug > Stop, or
  • Click the stop icon in the toolbar, or
  • Press Shift+F5

To resume debugging:

  • Go to Debug > Continue, or
  • Press F5


Breakpoints pause the policy at specific points. This allows you to review the policy's current output before proceeding.

To set an object as a breakpoint...

  1. Select the object to act as a breakpoint
    • Highlight the object and press F9, or
    • Right-click on the object and Toggle Breakpoint, or
    • Select the object, go Debug and Toggle Breakpoint
  2. Breakpoint objects are indicated with the breakpoint icon script_build_breakpoint_icon
  3. Repeat for each breakpoint object

Breakpoints require confirmation before debugging can continue.


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