Report Manager overview

Report Manager is the premier solution used by managed service providers and other IT service companies to report on the performance of IT infrastructure under their management.

Report Manager helps your customers make better, more informed IT investment decisions. With its comprehensive set of stock reports and user-friendly customization options, Report Manager enables MSPs and their customers to quickly view and understand significant IT performance data.

As a separate server installation, and connection to N-able N-central, it enhances N-able N-central with branded, professional, standardized reporting that provides your customers with the crucial IT insights they need. With over 50 pre-built, custom-branded stock reports to automate data extraction, these reports drive the strategic-level IT discussions with your clients that confirm your role as trusted adviser, and help them make better, more informed IT performance and investment decision.

Report Manager is available as a download from N-ableMe.

For more information, see the Report Manager system requirements, and the Report Manager Install Guide.

Incomplete Data Export

Do not add a new Report Manager server during an existing export.

If you add a new Report Manager server and begin exporting data to it during an existing export to the old server, the new export will not contain all of the data. N-able recommends the following:

  • Let the export to the old server complete first.
  • Add, or migrate to, a new Report Manager server according to the instructions in the Report Manager Installation Guide.

What do you want to do?

For more information on Report Manager and configuring its reports, see the Report Manager online help.