Enable and grant access to Report Manager

To use Report Manager at the SO level, you need to grant access to Report Manager during the installation of Report Manager. After installation, access to Report Manager is automatic when adding a new Service Organization.

  1. Login to N-able N-central as a Product Administrator.
  2. Click Administration > Service Organizations.
  3. Click the name of each Service Organization.
  4. Click the Options tab and click to select Allow access to Report Manager.
  5. Click Save.

Grant access to Report Manager

Grant access to users within an Service Organization. Your ability to grant access is dependent upon your account permissions within N-able N-central.

Note that there are only three accounts that are capable of accessing the Admin Console (gear icon) of Report Manager:

  • The default System Account (productadmin@n-able.com), which retains access even if the login email and account details are modified,
  • The default Admin account configured on install,
  • The default Support Account for N-able N-central support, which will only have access if Report Manager is externally available and the support account is enabled.

Report Manager does not support site-level users whose roles have permissions to access Report Manager.

  1. Click Administration > Report Manager > Access Permissions.
  2. Enable access you require from the Available list box and move the item(s) to the Selected list box.
  3. Click Save.

You can configure Report Manager when you access the Administration Console through N-able N-central. For complete configuration instructions, see the Report Manager online help.

Enable cookies when using Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, you may need to enable cookies for the Report Manager site within N-able N-central. If the Administration Sign-in screen refreshes without allowing you access, or if the Reports Console gives you an error and prevents you from accessing the reports, do the following:

  1. Go the to the system tray of the browser and double-click the popup blocker or privacy report icon ().
  2. In the Privacy Report dialog, right-click the Report Manager site URL and select: Always Accept Cookies from this site.