Custom PSA integration checklist

Deploying a custom PSA integration with N-able N-central requires a number of configuration steps. By completing each step listed below, you can incorporate a successful ticketing integration to service your customers.

There are no prerequisites required to integrate a custom PSA solution except a sound working knowledge of N-able N-central and a thorough understanding of your PSA solution. The latter will be especially important, as there are many different types of ticketing systems available with differing functionality and implementation requirements.

To streamline the process and get you up and running, follow the steps in the checklist below.

Check each step as you work through the process

Step 1 – Review How Custom PSA Integration Works.

Step 2 – Configure N-able N-central settings:


Step 2-1 - Configure Custom PSA integration to connect with N-able N-central.


Step 2-2 - Choose Customers for Custom PSA Integration.


Step 2-3 - Add Custom PSA Ticketing Recipients.

Step 2-4 - Configure the PSA Integration Message Template.

Step 3 – Parse data from email notifications.

Step 4 – Configure your PSA to communicate with N-able N-central.

Step 5 – Create tickets in N-able N-central.