What is custom PSA integration?

Custom PSA integration functionality allows you to link your custom PSA application with N-able N-central. Integrating your PSA solution with N-able N-central helps you:

  • Create tickets in your PSA application.
  • Directly access tickets from N-able N-central.
  • Diagnose and resolve ticket generation issues through auditing and logging.

There are no prerequisites required to integrate a custom PSA solution except a sound working knowledge of N-able N-central and a thorough understanding of your PSA solution. The latter will be especially important, as there are many different types of ticketing systems available with differing functionality and implementation requirements.

There are two ways in which you can configure the creation and delivery mechanism for tickets in your PSA application:

  • Send an email.
  • Communicate through an API.

When configured to generate tickets through an API, Ticketing Recipients gain the ability to send custom tags/metadata with each ticket – making it easy to ensure that your ticketing system gets the information it needs to properly prioritize and categorize each ticket.

For those whose existing delivery mechanism for tickets is email, you can change the Custom PSA integration settings from email to API and back, without needing to reconfigure other PSA settings (ticketing, customers enabled for integration, and so on).

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