About the N-able N-central integration with Autotask

Autotask is a ticketing system for managing your IT business. It integrates with N-able N-central and enables you to:

  • map customers between both systems

  • share asset information for ticket creation

  • configure automatic ticket creation

  • bundle accounts in Autotask for billing

When you click a link to open a ticket from N-central, a new tab opens and then the integration opens the ticket in a pop-up window after authentication.

N-able N-central 12.2 and later use version 1.6 of the Autotask PSA Web services API. The integration account requires the API User (API-only) security level to allow N-able N-central to communicate with Autotask. Therefore, you may need to edit (in Autotask) the security level of that account, or create a new user account with this security level and update the credentials in N-able N-central.

You cannot use the integration account to log into the Autotask PSA UI nor can you be assigned tickets or tasks.

The integration user account credentials must meet the following conditions (configured at the Security tab of the Resource Management dialog in Autotask):

  • Security Level: API User (system)
  • API Tracking Identifier:
    • N-able - N-central (on premise)
    • SolarWinds - N-central (NCOD)

Select this option for those systems hosted by N-able.

To restrict the privileges of this integration account and avoid any potential future issues, set the security settings and permissions as shown in the table below.

Feature / Section Access Security Setting / Permission
Contracts All settings enabled.

Account & Contact Access: All for each object.

Object Permissions: All for each object, except Sales Orders Delete is None.

Feature Access: Do not select Can access Export features in CRM section. . ..

Inventory Object Permissions: All/Yes for the Product row. All others set to None or No.
Service Desk

Object Permissions: All/Yes for each object.

Time Entry: Select all permissions.

Ticket Checklist: Select all permissions.

Other Permissions: Select all permissions.

Admin All Feature Access settings selected.
Web Services

Feature Access: Select Can login to Web Services API.

Do not select any other settings.


Resources/Users (HR): Select permission.

Surveys: Select all permissions.

Client Portal: No permissions selected.

Resource Visibility: No permissions selected.

Form Templates: Select Anyone in Company (Company) from the drop-down list.

Knowlegebase: Select all permissions.

Webhooks: No permissions selected.

Miscellaneous: Select all permissions.

Projects Not required.
Timesheets Not required.
Reports Not required.

Before you integrate Autotask with N-able N-central, ensure you have the following set up:

  • N-able N-central and Autotask servers must have a valid SSL certificate and a successful DNS resolution.
  • Ensure that you include the following user defined fields in Autotask:
    • N-central Device ID
    • N-central Device URI
    • N-central Device Asset Tag
  • Ensure that Protected Data Permissions are properly configured for existing user defined fields.

N-able recommends that you do not use the duplicate ticket handling feature in Autotask. If you do, ensure you add a unique identifier to the Subject line of the PSA notification template in N-able N-central. We recommend the ActiveNotificationTriggerID notification variable.

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