How to set up LiveLinks in Autotask

Autotask LiveLinks allows you to access N-able N-central functionality and screens, so that you can easily navigate between the two products.

When you click a link to open a ticket from N-central, a new tab opens and then the integration opens the ticket in a pop-up window after authentication.

You must be a System Administrator or be granted permission from a System Administrator to be able to create, manage, and publish LiveLinks.

  1. Log in to Autotask using the appropriate credentials.
  2. Navigate to Admin and click Automation.
  3. Click Autoforms & LiveLinks.
  4. Click LiveLinks Designer.
  5. Click Explore the AXN LiveLinks Catalog.
  6. Search for, or locate the N-central LiveLink extensions.
  7. Right-click anywhere in the row displaying the N-central extension that you want to add, and click Install LiveLink.
  8. Read and accept the Terms & Conditions.
  9. Click Install. Once complete, confirm the installation.
  10. In the LiveLinks Designer, locate the N-central extension that you just added, right-click on it and select Edit LiveLink.
  11. In the LiveLink screen, verify that the Base URL displays the correct address of your N-central server. If necessary, type the correct IP address or FQDN of your N-central server.
  12. Click Save & Close.
  13. Click OK.
  14. In the LiveLinks Designer, right-click in the row displaying the N-central extension.
  15. Select Activate LiveLink.
  16. Right-click in the row displaying the N-central extension.
  17. Select Publish LiveLink.
  18. In the LiveLink Publication screen, select the Security Levels, Departments, or Resources tab depending on how you want to configure permissions for users to access this extension.
  19. Select which users can access the extension. For example, you could select Administrator, Autotask in the Resources tab if that is the user to which you want to grant access to the extension.
  20. Save your changes and Close.
  21. Repeat step 3 to step 18 for each N-central extension that you want to add.