Map a N-able N-central customer to Autotask accounts

Map N-able N-centrall customers to Autotask accounts to generate tickets using Autotask Contact and Contract.

  1. Click AdministrationPSA Integration > Customer Mapping.
  2. Click Synchronize Now for the most updated information from Autotask.
  3. For each N-able N-central Customer, select a corresponding Autotask Account Name .

    In the Autotask Account Name pull-down menu, click More choices to display additional account names from longer lists.

  4. Select the name of the Contact.
  5. Select the Billing Contract that will be applied.
  6. Click Save.

N-able N-central completes the mapping for ticketing.

You can disable customer mappings by unmapping them from Autotask. For each N-able N-central customer mapping that you would like to disable, select Disabled from the Autotask Account Name drop-down menu.