For more information, watch Adding a Customer - Overview.

As a Service Organization, you can manage your customers and their devices by creating a Customer group that includes all the customer's devices. As your company grows and you take on new customers, N-able N-central enables you to easily expand and maintain your base of customers and devices.

Customers are added at the Service Organization (SO) level. Once you create a Customer grouping, for larger customers, you can divide devices into Sites, for easier monitoring and management.

There is no ability to migrate customers between Service Organizations. If you'd like to move a customer to another Service Organization, you need to remove the customer from the current SO, create a new copy of it under the new SO. Once completed, deploy a probe under the new customer and use it to deploy agents to the devices for the "new" customer.

Before you add customers, take time to read the topic Prepare your customer environment.

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