Modify agent and probe communication settings

Configure default system communication settings for agents and probes. You can change the default communication settings if your firewall or customers have specific policies or port specifications. These settings also enable you to define how verbose log files depending on how much information you want returned.

  1. Click AdministrationDefaults > Agent & Probe Settings.
  2. Click the Communication Settings tab and configure the port, protocol and network settings.
  3. Click either the Agent or Probe tab.
  4. In the System Communication area, configure how N-able N-central communicates with the agents and probes.
  5. To apply the communication settings to all of the existing agents and probes, click the Propagate checkbox.
  6. If you do not select the Propagate check box, the settings are applied only to the new devices.

  7. Click Save.

New agents and probes are set with the communication settings. If you selected the propagate checkbox, N-able N-central updates existing agents or probes.