Add a new customer manually

You can add multiple customers to monitor and maintain many sites. First add a customer site that you can then install probes and add devices.

  1. At the SO level, click Actions > Add Customer.
  2. Enter a unique Customer Name. Ensure it is different than the any existing customer or SO names.
  3. When selecting a name ensure:

    • Name does not start with these characters: =, -, +,@

    • Name does not contain these characters:  %, &, $, #, <, >, ;, " ,  /, \

  4. Select the License Type to either Professional or Essential.
  5. In the Network Credentials section, enter the User Name and Password.
  6. It is a best practice to create a completely new domain user strictly for use with N-able N-central.

  7. Click Save and Continue.

The newly created customer level appears in the upper left on a green background. The next step is to prepare the customer environment to install a probe.

N-able N-central does not offer a means of grouping customers and sites into categories, such as customers that have their own internal support. You can however, use the naming of customers to provide groupings. Customer names appear alphabetically in N-able N-central. You can use prefixes to identify customers with similar properties and thus keep them together on the customer list.