Get started with MSP Manager

MSP Manager is cloud-based service management software that helps you support customers and run an effective IT service business.

Organize and manage all of your customers' information in one place, including locations, contacts, program levels, service items, knowledge, and billing information.

Get started by adding new users

Navigate to Settings > Users & Permissions > Users > Add User, and enter the new user's information.

N-able's Single Sign-On (SSO) service is a convenient way for you to access our SSO products (including N-sight RMM, Take Control and Cove Data Protection) with a single set of login credentials.

Please be aware that any changes to your SSO credentials, including. username and password updates, will apply to all of our SSO supporting products and the Partner Success Center.

You can also create Roles for MSP Manager users, and assign them to Access Groups to limit the user's access to a specific group of customers.

Add the User List Widget to your Workspace page to easily add new users to your account and filter existing users by status or by the customer to whom they are assigned. Learn more about configuring Widgets in your Workspace Pages.

Add new customers to your account

Use the New Customer Setup wizard to add customers to your account, create program levels and service item contracts, and assign locations and contacts to the new customers.

  1. Navigate to the Customer Menu > Add Customer.
  2. Enter the customer's General and Notification information, enter their Advanced Settings (optional), and click Next.
  3. Add assigned users to customers and configure your Ticket Routing rules to automatically assign inbound tickets to them.

  4. Select a Program Level and click Next.
  5. View the Service Items generated by your Program Level, and add customer specific Service Items to the Program Level if needed. Click Next.
  6. Select Add Locations and enter the customer's location name and information. Select to save the location and click Next.
  7. Select Add Contact to create a contact for the new customer. Select Portal User or Portal Admin to grant the contact access to your Customer Portal.
  8. Creating a Portal User will send an activation email to the contact with information on how to access and log in to the portal.

  9. Click the Save icon to save the contact and click Next.
  10. When adding a Contact to a customer, leave the Location field blank to create a Customer Level Contact, which assigns the contact to the customer and not to a specific location.

    The same contact email can be used within multiple companies in MSP Manager, so you can add your contact's email even if it exists in another MSP Manager account.

  11. Click Finish to view the new customer's information from the Customer Dashboard.

The new customer information, Program Level, Service Items, Locations, and Contacts are saved to your account.

To edit existing customers, select the customer and click Actions > Edit Customer.