MSP Manager Features and functionality

An agile, versatile, cloud-based service-management and help-desk solution designed to offer an easy way to manage and optimize your IT service business.

Feature Overview
Track user statistics and billable hours Owners and managers can easily review what their employees are working on along with the dollar amount each employee is bringing into the company.
Helpdesk and ticketing Tickets instantly display on screen, providing immediate visibility on critical incidents.
Timer workflow Use the ticket timer to accurately track time spent working on issues for your customers. Starting a timer is as easy as just one click.
Knowledge and Workspaces Use the knowledge editor to create customized types of knowledge that fits your company's business model. With the new knowledge types, you can add any type of information and store it in your MSP Manager account.
Scheduling, Service Level Agreements and Reports Schedule appointments for technicians or customers, create service level agreements to define the expected time to resolve issues for your customers and generate reports.
Customer Portal Provide ticket access to your customers.
Remote control assets with Take Control Remotely access your customers’ devices from your asset list, as well as from workspace pages, so you can perform complex tasks or quickly access advanced features.
User Chat When viewing your assets from the Asset Menu, Workspace Asset widgets or from a ticket associated with a Take Control asset, you can use the Take Control chat feature.
Accounting software integrations MSP Manager integrates with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, and Xero. If you are not using one of these accounting software options, you can export your invoices as a general CSV file.