Chat with Take Control integrated Assets

When viewing your assets from the Asset Menu, Workspace Asset widgets or from a ticket associated with a Take Control asset, you can use the same chat feature available in N-sight RMM and Take Control.

Make sure the Take Control Agent is installed on the Asset you want to start a chat session with, then navigate to that asset from any of these locations:

  • From the left navigation menu, select Assets and click the Take Control integrated asset to open the Asset Editor. Click the Chat Icon in the top menu to start a chat session.
  • Navigate to Assets in the left navigation menu of MSP Manager and click the Chat Icon next to the Take Control integrated asset.
  • From your Workspace page, add the Asset List and Asset Details widgets. Edit the Asset List widget and link it to the Asset Details widget. Click the Chat Icon in the top corner of the Asset Details widget to open the chat window.
  • Learn more about configuring and linking widgets in your Workspace page.

  • From a ticket that has an attached Take Control asset, click Start Chat at the top of the ticket to open the chat window.
  • View the Take Control Chat History as well as the Chat transcript by clicking the Chat History icon in the right context panel of the ticket.
  • This feature is only available in the new Ticket Editor, which is currently in preview. For access to the new Ticket Editor in your MSP Manager account, please email

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