Manage a support session

Navigate to the Advanced Session Options menu , and select Session to access features needed to manage your current support session.

  • Send Survey – sends a customized survey to the customer during a support session. Set up and view your surveys in the Admin Area, under Management > Surveys. The survey opens in a new browser window of the remote computer.
  • View the survey answers in the Reports > Surveys section of the Administrative Area.

  • Transfer/Share – transfers a session to another technician, or invite multiple technicians to the same session. For more information, refer to the Share and transfer support sessions chapter.
  • Pause this Session – puts the session in the request queue to resume at a later time. If an Applet is terminated, the computer with the Take Control Agent shuts down, or is disconnected, the paused session is removed from the queue.
  • Disconnect – ends the remote session without closing the viewer. You can disconnect and restart the session without requiring the user to insert another PIN Code.

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