Default Scripts (Windows)

The following default scripts are available for the Windows Agent Script Check:

In addition to default scripts, you can also upload, deploy and run your own user defined scripts as Script Checks and Automated Tasks. For instructions to add a user defined script to the All Devices view, see Add a script to Script Manager.

Script Category Default Scripts
Application Control Running Process

SQL Query

System User Count

Exchange Large Mailboxes (Exchange 2003)

Large Mailboxes (Exchange 2007 or Later)

Mail Queue Size (Exchange 2003)

Mail Queue Size (Exchange 2007 or Later)

Store Control - Exchange 2003

Store Control - Exchange 2007 (or later)

Security Antivirus Status


Monitor Bitlocker

Windows Update

System Control File Age

Installed Printer List Info

Local Drive and Folder Size Info

S.M.A.R.T. Hard Drive Info

Thermal Zone Temperature Info

Virtualization VMware ESXi - Datastore Free Space

VMware ESXi Health - CPUs

VMware ESXi Health - Fans

VMware ESXi Health - Memory

VMware ESXi Health - PSUs

VMware ESXi Health - Sensors

VMWare ESXi Health Storage

VMware ESXi Virtual Machine Inventory

VMware ESXi Virtual Machine Power State