Add a Script

To add a script:

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard, go to Settings > Script Manager
  2. Click New
  3. Use the following field descriptions to enter the information in the Add User Defined Scripts dialog

  4. Click Save to store the script
  5. Click Close to exit out of the Script Manager
Field Description
Name Provide a descriptive name to enable easy identification of the script on the N-sight RMM Dashboard and Reports
Usage Notes Enter the information to display in the Test Parameters section when you add or edit the Script Check or Automated Task. You can include more detail about the script’s function or an example of the command line parameters to ensure any user can correctly configure the script.
Default Timeout The time period, in seconds, after which the Agent stops the script and reports it as failed
Type Choose how the script will run, as a Script Check or an Automated Task.

Automated Tasks are supported for Windows, Mac (from Agent 2.3.0), and Linux (from Agent 2).

OS The Operating System the script is designed to run on. The script will only be selectable for devices running this Operating System.

Upload a script

Click Browse and navigate to the location of the script to upload it to the N-sight RMM Dashboard where it is downloaded to the selected machines.

Supported script size: Maximum of 65535 characters
Supported script output size: Maximum of 10000 characters

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