VMware ESXi Datastore Free Space

Script Type: PowerShell

The VMWare ESXi Datastore Free Space Script monitors the free space available on the entered datastore, alerting where this drops below the entered threshold figure.

Information on the datastore is available in the Dashboard from the clickable Extra column against the relevant Check. The subsequent More Information dialog contains the datastore Name, its total Capacity, the Free space both as a total and Percent Free, along with the Freespace Threshold indicator: pass (green tick), unknown (gray tick) or fail (red exclamation box).






Percent Free

Freespace Threshold

In addition to the standard information for ESXi scripts - Host, Username, Password and Script Timeout Range  - the VMWare ESXi Datastore Free Space Script also requires the Datastore Name (case insensitive and supports * wildcard) as well as the Threshold figure below which the script will fail, configurable from the drop-down as MB, GB or percent.

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