Manage monitoring templates

You can manage your monitoring templates by adding new templates, or by editing and deleting existing templates. The View Monitoring Templates dialog lists all your templates and summary information.

To manage your monitoring templates:

  1. Log into the N-sight RMM Dashboard
  2. Go to Settings > Monitoring Templates > Manage Templates
  3. Select the template you want to manage (unless you are adding a new template)

  4. Add a new template, Edit an existing template or Delete a no longer required template
  5. When editing a template, ensure the correct Operating System type is selected. For more information about the configuration settings for Add and Edit, see Create a monitoring template—from an existing device.

  6. Click Close to save and exit

View monitoring templates dialog columns

Column Description
Type Device type the template applies to: Serverserver_iconor Workstation workstation_icon
Supported Operating System
Template Name Name to identify the template
247_icon Number of 24x7 Checks configured
dsc_icon Number of Daily Safety Checks configured
automated_task_icon Number of Automated Tasks configured
Created The date and time the template was created
Last Updated The date and time the template was last updated
Active Whether the template is currently active tick_icon

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