Asset Tracking Reports

Asset Tracking Reports, which are available from the Asset Tracking Dashboard, provide hardware and software inventory information for devices running the Monitoring Agent.

When does the Agent run an Asset Tracking Scan?
The Asset Tracking scan runs on devices once per day randomly between midnight and 11:00 based on the local time of the device. It polls various indicators including WMI (MsiGetProductInfoW) and the registry (Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Uninstall/) in Windows to compile the inventory information.

To view Asset Tracking Reports:

  1. On the Asset Tracking Dashboard, click Reports
  2. Select one of the five reports

You can filter each of the Asset Tracking Reports by Client, although there is the option to select All Clients where information from across the whole Client base is required. The Modification Report also includes the option to select a date range.

You can process the information from the Data Dump in a spreadsheet. For more information, see XML Data manipulation with a Power Query and XML Data manipulation with PivotTables.

Last Scanned in the Reports indicates when the updated data was uploaded to the Dashboard. Not the last scan on the local machine.