XML and SQL Data Dump

The XML and SQL data dumps contain all the asset information stored in the system for the selected Clients.

After you download a data dump, you can import the data into a database or spreadsheet for manipulation. For example, you can extract or query data or compile your own custom reports. For more information and options, see XML Data manipulation with a Power Query and XML Data manipulation with PivotTables.

  1. On the Asset Tracking Dashboard, go to Reports > XML Data Dump or SQL Data Dump

  2. Select All Clients or a specific Client
  3. Select the generation method:
    • Download—Runs the report in real time
    • Offline Mode—Runs the report in the background

The Data Dumps Deleted column indicates whether the item is installed (0) or uninstalled (5).

Download or Offline Mode

The XML and SQL data dumps can contain a large amount of data so there are two run options for each report type.

Download the report to run it in real time, which may take several minutes to complete depending on the size of your selection.

Use Offline Mode to generate the report in the background and receive a notification to download the report when it is available. This option enables you to continue working on the Dashboard until the report is ready. When you select Offline Mode, a Report successfully queued message is displayed containing information on its completion status. Click OK to close this dialog and continue working on the Dashboard.

After the report is generated, a notification with a download link for the report is sent to the email address you logged into the Dashboard under.

This link is also available from the Data Dump dialog for 24 hours after the report was generated, when accessing Dashboard using the account the report was requested for.