Client Inventory Report

The Client Inventory Report provides an overview for a selected Client. The report lists the total number of Servers and Workstations for a Client and the number of each of their Operating Systems.

The following details are also listed for each device: Name and Domain Role, IP Address, Date of last scan, any configured Custom Fields, Hardware Overview and Operating System.

The Asset Tracking scan runs once per day (at a random time before 11:00 local time on the machine). It polls various indicators including WMI (MsiGetProductInfoW) and the registry (Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Uninstall/) in Windows to compile the inventory information. For more information, see Asset and Inventory Tracking.

To view the Client Inventory Report:

  1. OIn the Asset Tracking Dashboard, go to Reports > Client Inventory Report
  2. Choose All Clients or a specific Client to view the report for in the dialog
  3. Click OK to display the report