Client Inventory Report

The Client Inventory Report provides an overview for a selected Client. The report lists the total number of Servers and Workstations for a Client and the number of each of their Operating Systems.

The following details are also listed for each device: Name and Domain Role, IP Address, Date of last scan, any configured Custom Fields, Hardware Overview and Operating System.

The Asset Tracking scan runs on devices once per day randomly between midnight and 11:00 based on the local time of the device. It polls various indicators including WMI (MsiGetProductInfoW) and the registry (Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Uninstall/) in Windows to compile the inventory information. For more information, see Asset Tracking.

To generate the Client Inventory Report:

  1. On the Asset Tracking Dashboard, go to Reports > Client Inventory Report
  2. Choose All Clients or a specific Client to view the report for in the dialog
  3. Click OK to display the report