The following group types exist in Cloud Commander. The type of groups you can access may depend on your group and role assignments.

  • Platform user group—a group that is only available in Cloud Commander. It is used to assign platform roles to group members who perform tasks in Cloud Commander. See Manage platform user groups.
  • Microsoft Entra ID groupMicrosoft 365 and Microsoft Security groups that are either imported from the cloud or created using Cloud Commander and then written to Microsoft Entra ID. You can assign platform roles to Microsoft Entra ID groups.
  • Microsoft 365 group—manage collaboration opportunities by giving members access to a shared mailbox, calendar, files, SharePoint site, and more.
  • Microsoft Security group—manage access and permissions for resources.

The following tasks provide instructions to manage groups in Cloud Commander:


To manage Cloud Commander platform user groups and platform roles, see Platform role management.

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Updated: Jun 06, 2024