Overview of Microsoft Intune integration with N-able N-central

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Intune is Microsoft's popular mobile device management (MDM) platform, with which you can now take advantage of all of the automation and features in N-able N-central. With this new module integrated with N-able N-central, you can do the following:

  • Authenticate at a Intune tenant level as a System Integrator (SI model), or as a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP model).
    CSP and SI Cannot Co-exist
    A CSP setup and SI setup cannot coexist under the same SO in this release of N-central.
  • Discover Intune registered Windows devices and push an N-central agent to them for increased visibility and management within N-able N-central.
  • Build and enable Intune Device Compliance and Security and Computer Configuration Profiles on Intune devices through traditional N-central workflows.
  • Exit to the Intune Dashboard for access to detailed configuration and additional Intune-only features.

Before navigating through Microsoft Intune it is recommended that you allow pop-ups in your browser security settings for the N-able N-central server site on which you are working.

In order for N-able N-central to properly integrate with Intune, it requires a valid SSL certificate for the N-able N-central server.

Only AD Joined devices are supported.

Microsoft have adopted a "least privilege access" approach to authentication . From the 22nd May 2023 they will begin transitioning active and inactive Delegated Admin Privileges (DAP) relationships to Granular Delegated Admin Privileges (GDAP) and existing DAP relationships will be removed within 30 days of DAP’s End of Life. This will only affect integrations using the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) model, which will require a new Admin Relationship for each of the integrated customers. Visit Manual migration of Cloud Solution Provider from DAP to GDAP for more information.

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