How to import a device from Intune to N-able N-central

Microsoft Procedures
References to any Microsoft-related procedures are accurate as of date of this topic being published / updated, and N-abledoes not guarantee their accuracy or validity.


  • Devices must already be added and exist in Intune prior to being available for import. You will need to make sure Intune is activated in N-able N-central at the system and SO level.

  • The device that you are planning to import needs to exist at the same level that the N-able N-central customer is mapped to, in order for it to be available for import. Once the device is available, you will be able to import it.

  • The device MUST be seen as available and setup in Microsoft Entra ID and in Microsoft Intune. In the Microsoft Entra ID All Device View, "Microsoft Intune" should be listed under MDM. In the MS Intune All Device View, "Intune" should be listed under Managed by. If the device is missing from these locations then the partner needs to make sure that the device is managed properly and should reach out to Microsoft support.

The partner/customer is responsible for setting up their devices in Intune prior to attempting to join them to N-able N-central.

Configuration Instructions not Provided!
N-able does not provide assistance on how to configure partner/customer devices in Intune prior to the N-able N-central integration.

Import devices

  1. Navigate to Integration > Microsoft Intune > Import Devices.
    The devices will display here if you have the Customer successfully set up.
  2. Select which devices to manage from the Unmanaged tab, and click Import devices.
  3. Click the Imported tab to view which are imported but not managed.
    A pop-up message will display advising that the import will take some time.
  4. When the import is complete the device will automatically install the Agent and be visible in the All Devices view.
    It can take up to 8 hours for the device to get imported. You can try restarting the device to force the import, but this can still take a significant amount of time to complete.
  5. Verify that the import has completed:
    1. Go to Microsoft Endpoint Management (MS Intune) or click on the dashboard from the customer.
    2. Login with the current account for that customer/tenant.
    3. Go to Devices > Windows Devices.
    4. Select the Device.
    5. Click Managed Apps from the left menu .
    6. Here you will see the status of the N-central Windows Agent app. This line must show that it exists and is installed for everything to be working properly.

Devices that are "Microsoft Entra ID Joined" will successfully get the agent installed, and will move to the Managed tab.

The Windows Agent cannot be deployed to devices that are "Microsoft Entra ID Registered" or "Not Enrolled Devices".