Troubleshoot the Agent installation

Microsoft Links and Procedures
References to any Microsoft-related procedures are accurate as of date of this topic being published / updated, and N-abledoes not guarantee their accuracy or validity.

Manually Synching the Intune Device

This can be used to manually synch a device if its taking a long time to deploy the Windows Agent.

  1. On the machine go to the Microsoft store and search for Company Portal and install it.
  2. Once installed, launch it and login using the same account with which you registered your devices. Once logged in you will see a screen with a message containing a link to begin setup.
  3. Click the link and continue through the wizard that follows. It will ask for your account credentials two more times. You should get two green check marks.
  4. Click Settings in the bottom left corner, then click Manual Sync.
  5. It will take between three and five minutes for your device to be enrolled in Intune MDM.

If the policy you pushed is not taking effect on the device, you can also use the manual sync to speed it up.

Testing Device Import and Install

  1. Under Customer level in N-able N-central, setup Microsoft Intune using the account with which you used to add the device. Once the setup is complete, make sure the agent app has been created by logging into Microsoft Intune and checking for the app.
  2. The app will have the name of the customer with which Intune has been setup.
  3. In N-able N-central, check imported devices.
  4. The device should be listed.
  5. Import the device, and if import is successful check the managed apps in Intune to see if the app has been assigned to the device.
  6. Restart the windows device two times, with five minutes in between restarts. The windows agent should get installed after the second restart.
  7. Make sure the Microsoft Intune Management Extension is installed in Windows Services after app assignments.
  8. Search for the IntuneAgentInstaller.exe in the C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\IntuneManagementExtension\Logs folder to find out if the agent is trying to install. You can use Notepad++ for the search.
  9. Installer Logs can be found under in C:\Windows\Temp\IntuneInstaller.txt.
  10. Check if the device is imported correctly by going to the All Devices view in N-able N-central.

Capturing HAR file

  1. Press F12, Ctrl + Shift + I, or from the Chrome browser menu select More tools > Developer tools.
  2. Select the Console tab.
  3. In the toolbar at the top of the Console tab,in the Default levels drop-down menu, ensure that all levels are selected, including Verbose.
  4. Click on the Console settings gear icon at the top-right of the tab.
  5. Select the Preserve log check box.
  6. After reproducing the issue, right click anywhere in the bottom logs section of the frame and click Save as.
  7. Save the file with a .log extension.