Send MSP Manager mail through your own server

MSP Manager now provides the option to send mail and ticket responses using your own mailbox. This allows for full control over email security, avoids issues with DMARC and DKIM authentication, and helps to indicate that mail sent from MSP Manager is safe. As a result, mail sent from your ticket mailbox will not be flagged as spoofing or spam mail.

Configure reply settings for your ticket mailbox

  1. Enter your own mailbox's information required for your IMAP ticket mailbox or M365 ticket mailbox.
  2. Select Send reply using this mailbox.
  3. In the SMTP Connection Settings section, enter your Server Address and Server Port, and click Use SSL if required.
  4. Select customers to add to the Use those mailbox reply settings for the following customers field. This applies the SMTP settings to the customers listed, and uses those settings for replies sent to the selected customers.
  5. Use this option if you have more than one monitored mailbox configured and you would like to send mail to specific customers from a specific mailbox.

  6. Click to save the mailbox settings.

After all mailboxes are configured to send mail using your own mailbox, you'll have full control over DKIM and DMARC authentication through your own mail server settings.