Add enhanced security to your Google mailbox

N-able partners using a Google email account (Gmail or custom domain) as a monitored mailbox now need to add enhanced security to their Google account and set up an App Password to authenticate the monitored mailbox.

This is due to Google’s decision to disable third-party apps, such as MSP Manager, from accessing Google accounts using only a username and password effective May 30th.

Full details regarding Google App Passwords can be found here. Use the detailed instructions below to add enhanced security to your monitored mailboxes.

  1. Sign into your Gmail account and set up 2-step verification.
  2. Set an App Password.
  3. Under Select app choose Mail.
  4. Under Select device choose Other (Custom name).
  5. Enter "MSPM" when prompted and click the GENERATE button.
  6. Copy the generated password and log into MSP Manager as a user with sufficient permissions to manage Ticket Mailboxes.
  7. Navigate to Settings > Tickets & Workflow > Ticket Mailboxes.
  8. Select your monitored mailbox for the Gmail account from step 2 and choose Edit.
  9. Enter/paste the App Password generated from step 2 into the Password field for the monitored mailbox and click Save.