License and role information

Take Control uses licenses to control the number of technicians who can log into to Take Control at the same time, the available number of permanence agent installs and how many end users can be created.


One Take Control license allows:

  • 1 technician to log into Take Control at a time

  • 50 devices to be registered

  • 0 end-user licenses

One Take Control Plus license allows:

  • 1 technician to log into Take Control Plus at a time
  • 500 devices to be registered
  • 10 end-user licenses

One end-user license allows:

  • 10 devices to be registered with Take Control Plus

Simultaneous sessions:

  • 1 logged technician (1 license) can have multiple sessions to different registered devices at the same time

Roles and licensing


This role manages the configuration and reporting aspects of Take Control by leveraging the Admin Area. There is no licensing for this use of the Admin Area (provided Remote Access Mode is not enabled), therefore administrators can use the Admin Area regardless of how many other technicians may be logged in at any given time.

  • The main administrator is the login created with the account, this role has significant privileges and permissions, including those of the technicians, that cannot be revoked or changed

If an administrator activates Remote Access Mode in the Admin Area for their account, they will use an available license when logging in.


An operational role for the users providing remote support to external customers or other internal users.

  • There is no limit to the number of technicians, only how many of them can be logged into Take Control simultaneously

  • Technicians use the Desktop or Mobile Tech Console, a native application available for the major platforms, or the Admin Area in Remote Access Mode to provide support

  • Take Control licensing is directly tied to the number of technicians using the desktop console, mobile console or Remote Access Mode. A license is needed per simultaneous login to any of these options, even if no remote session is open

  • Licensing is concurrent. Licenses are not assigned to specific technicians, they are instead managed through logins. For example, if you have purchased 5 licenses, you can have up to 5 simultaneous logins from any number of technicians to either the desktop console, mobile console or Remote Access Mode through the admin area

  • Each technician can log into a (Windows or macOS) Desktop Console, an (Android or iOS) Mobile Console and the Admin Area's Remote Access mode at the same time and with the same login - provided sufficient licenses are available

  • Technicians using Take Control Plus can connect to Android and iOS devices

  • Take Control Plus also offers technicians a single use Panic Button. Once activated, this emergency option grants access to an unlimited number of full-featured technician licenses for a 10-hour period (10 straight hours per hit). Visit Panic Button for further details.

Technicians cannot log into the two different instances of the same console type at the same time.

End Users

The role for non-technician users who can use the deployed Take Control unattended access agents to connect to their registered devices. End users access Take Control through the dedicated End User Area.

Attended and unattended device sessions

Two types of remote support are available to technicians, unattended (agent) and attended (applet). These sessions do not require additional licensing, however the agent install limit is linked to the number of technician licenses. There is no limit for attended support sessions (applet).

  • Applets do not install or run as a service and are intended for attended support sessions

  • Agents are a permanent install on the remote device and run as a service for unattended support sessions

To make room for new unattended agent installs, you can delete devices from your device list.

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